Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maker Faire Africa

Maker Faire Africa
Folks, it has been quite a while since our discussion on Electricity Burundi.
The reason is simple; I had to take August off to go to Ghana for the Inaugural conference of “Maker Faire Africa”.
For the benefit of those who have not heard about “Maker Faire”, this is an organization that brings the little inventor to the world, and hopefully gets his/her invention to the marketplace.
Since this was the first of its kind in Africa, the organizers were not sure of the turnout.
The first day of the three day event, everybody was apprehensive, not knowing the number of people who would attend.
When the doors were open at the Kofi Annan Centre for Technology in Accra, “WOW”, were we in for a SHOCK. It was standing room only, with more than 350 people in attendance.
The bottom-line is this; the conference was a fantastic success.
The next “Maker Faire Africa” conference is slated to take place in Kenya next year (2010).
So what has this got to do with Electricity in Africa? For starters, William Kamkwamba, the windmill wonder boy (now a 22 year old man) from Malawi was a participant. For those of you who have not heard of William, please go and read about him. I do not have the space to write about him here.
With all the electricity problems going on all over Africa, there was NO electricity interruption during the three days that the conference took place in Accra.
The President of Togo Faure Eyadema, even came to Ghana for two days to negotiate for future supply of electricity and water to his country from Ghana.
I am not going to say the cheetahs have overtaken the hippos in Ghana at present time, but slowly and surely the cheetah population is increasing.
Let’s give them a hand for the improvement.