Monday, June 8, 2009

Electricity Tanzania (TANESCO)

We have arrived at the game reserve of Tanzania, home of the supposedly one of the best game parks in not only Africa, but the whole world.
With so many visitors to this environment, you would think the country would be awash in electricity, you are deadly mistaken.
TANESCO, the State owned electric company, has been terminating caontractual agreement with componies like SAE Power Lines, Associated Transrail Structures Limited, and Dowans Holdings SA Limited to name a few.
Why would a government organization with its gross incompetence, terminate a contract with a private company that they have been doing business with for years? Could it be, somebody is not willing to play ball anymore. Remember this is Africa, the land of rough skids that needs to be greased constantly, for it to remain smooth.

Of late, Tanzania has been suffering the same malady that countries like South Africa, and Congo to name a few have been having. It is called Load-shedding, for the average person, it is called rotating blackouts.

Less than 15% of rural community dwellers, have access to electricity, while less than 60% of urban dwellers have access to electricity.
Folks, Tanzania has been Independent from Colonial Britain for more than 40 years. Sure they are in a better situation than most, but if you are better than the worst, that does not say you are affluent, rich or advance.

The bane of every society is bribery and corruption!
Enough said about this game reserve, there are more hippos in Tanzania than cheetahs period.

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