Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Electricity Somalia

After an extended absence we have arrived in Somalia.

The main headlines that one gets out of Somalia have been mostly about piracy and blackmail. Well, there are other economic activities, besides; the pirates need to invest their ransom from the ship owners.

The main supplier of electricity in this environment is Ente Nazionale Energia Elettrica popularly known as ENEE. We are saying main supplier because Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Galkayo have all been sub-divided with private companies each taking care of its sector; of course each company have its own security to avoid sabotage.

Virtually all operational plants are of the thermal type (diesel powered generator sets). Ethiopia is trying to be neighborly by helping with supply to a few towns along her border. But until there is a permanent administrative government, instead of the free for all that currently exists, we do not see any long term stability in the supply of electricity in this environment.

As dry as this land is, there are more hippos than there are cheetahs.

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